Vacation Rental (and B&B) of 50 m² in Gradignan for 1 people.

Vacation Rental (and B&B) located in Gradignan, in 8 km of Bordeaux

Description :

Appartement of 1 room (50 m²) :
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 WC

Number of beds (1 people max) :
1 double bed

Languages spoken by the owner :
Français parlé
Be carefull, english is not spoken by the owner.

Situation of the accommodation in Gradignan :

Approximate location :Avenue De La Madeleine, 33170 Gradignan, France

Equipments and services :

Salon : Internet access
Kitchen : -
Washroom : -
Outdoors : -
Cleaning and towels : -
Included services : -
Pay Services : -

Rate and rental period :

Rental in September only.

Rates : (could eventually be added by other tax)
Rental duration Lower rate Upper rate
Monthly rate500 €

Payment :

Ask your questions :

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