Annuaire tourisme gratuit

An Insurance for your holiday in France!

What is this vacation rental insurance ?

This insurance covers cancellation, interruption of your stay, and property damage liability :

  •    - Holiday cancellation
  •    - Holiday interruption
  •    - Holiday third party insurance cover
  •    - Search, offshore and mountain rescue

Important : you have only 10 days from the date of your rental commitment to subscribe this insurance.

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Covers and benefits for holiday accommodation rentals :


Cancellation due to:
Serious illness, accident, death, major home damage, lay-off, professional relocation, roadblocks, strikes, any complication due to pregnancy until the 28th week.

Deposit / down payment + sums due, limited to €10 000
Curtailment due to:
Serious illness, death, major home damage, unavailability of accommodation

Rent for unused portion of holidays, limited to €10 000
Personal liability:
Property damage due to fire, an explosion or flooding
Remedy of neighbours and third parties
Damage to the property or belongings of the owner of the rented accommodation

Limited to €1 500 000
Up to €450,000.
Limited to €2 500, with €75 deductible

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